Monday, December 28, 2009

Medical Financial Aid

Early management of educational loans and finance has significant long-term benefits. Your school's financial aid office is the best starting place for resources, help with applications, information on financial aid and other funding options, and financial aid awarding policies and procedures.

AAMC Resources
Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR)—A must-read guide to premedical preparation, application procedures, admission requirements, financial aid, and estimated expenses for U.S. and Canadian medical schools.

FIRST for Medical Education offers a full range of resources, services, and tools for applicants, medical school students, residents, advisors, and financial aid officers. Our goal is to help medical school borrowers expand their financial literacy, make smart decisions about student loans, and manage their student debt wisely.

Loan Consolidation Primer—A resource to help borrowers determine whether to pursue loan consolidation.

The Layman's Guide to Education Debt Management—A resource to help residents manage their student loans.

Education Debt Manager—Step-by-step, common sense strategies for managing debt.

Herbert W. Nickens Medical Student Scholarships—This AAMC scholarship recognizes outstanding academic achievement of medical students entering their third year.

Caring for Community Grant Program—A national medical student service project sponsored by the Pfizer Medical Humanities Initiative.

Other Resources
Income-Based Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Income-Based Repayment (IBR) is a new payment option for federal student loans. It can help borrowers keep their loan payments affordable with payment caps based on their income and family size. Public Service Loan Forgiveness is a new program for federal student loan borrowers who work in certain kinds of jobs. It will forgive remaining debt after 10 years of eligible employment and qualifying loan payments.

Loan Repayment/Forgiveness Scholarship Programs
State and federal repayment programs, and loan and scholarship programs available to allopathic medicine and other health professions students

National Medical Fellowships
National Medical Fellowships provides need-based scholarships to first and second-year medical students from groups underrepresented in medicine.

Uniform Services University of the Health Sciences
Students attending USU's F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine enter the university as commissioned officers in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Public Health Service. Medical students pay no tuition or fees in exchange for a seven-year active duty service commitment.


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